The LMC Law Book of Updates provides you with advice and template documents to support you in your organisations in terms of current thinking around PCNs, GDPR, and partnerships. Things change rapidly in the NHS so we will provide updates when we become aware of new legalisation, regulations and healthcare developments


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27/01/2020 – Primary Care Network Schedule Updates


Due to the current situation regarding COVID-19 we advise you to update your Privacy Notice. More information on this can be found through the ‘Privacy Notice Template’ link

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Data Protection and GDPR

    GDPR Updates

    Privacy Notice Template

    SARS Guidance and Template Letters

    Data Sharing Agreement Checklist

    ICO Guidance

    Record Retention and Disposal Policy

Primary Care Networks

    Form of Authorisation

    Due Diligence Questionnaire

    Conflict of Interest Policy

    Example Wording for Partnership Agreements in Respect of PCNs

    Dispute Resolution for PCNs –  Guidelines

    Primary Care Network Schedule Updates

    HMRC VAT exemption for a cost sharing group (Download)


    Template Addendum for Adding and Removing Partners

Other Guidance

    Making a Claim in the Small Claims Court – A Simple Guide