February 2021
Manchester LMC

The LMC Executive discussed our agreement with LMC Law and we are extremely happy with your services. They are timely, efficient and very helpful – please give our thanks to your team and we look forward to continuing working with you.

February 2021
Ealing GP Federation

It is my great pleasure to recommend the services of LMC Law. I have worked with Shanee Baker (Founder) and colleagues over the last 6-7 years and have always found their services to be of excellent quality and the team very approachable and easy to work with. 

Despite LMC Law working with hundreds of colleagues/organisations across the country I have always found them to be very accommodating to my requests, even at very short notice, and their staff have worked closely with me to ensure I have achieved the outcome I was hoping for, often going above and beyond what my expectations were.

Ealing GP Federation signed a retainer with LMC Law two years ago and this has proved to be invaluable in terms of the support that not only the Federation has received but the PCNs we support. This has proved to be a very cost-effective way to manage the rapidly changing landscape in Primary Care.

Shanee Baker has carefully grown her team with subject matter experts from across the legal spectrum and thus I feel that LMC Law is now very much the ‘go to’ company for all our legal requirements and not just in respect of dealing with day-to-day Primary Care/General Practice issues.

I would unreservedly recommend the services of LMC Law and look forward to continuing our long and fruitful relationship.

March 2021
Yorkshire LMC

We are in the 3rd year of a Retainer Agreement with LMC Law.  This enables our constituent practices to access to a range of legal services and these are being used by practices as well as ourselves on a regular basis.  As well as access to legal services, LMC Law has provided education sessions which have been beneficial to constituent practices.


‘Thanks a lot for an outstanding session Shanee. Lots to think about. I’ll be in touch’.

‘Thank you Shanee for such a helpful session. A lot of information to take in and digest.’

‘Thank you very much for a very informative session’.

‘Thank you. Very informative’.

April 2021
Worcester LMC Seminar

Thank you, the seminar was excellent as they always are.

April 2021
Business Fundamentals seminars for BedsHerts LMCs Spring 2021

1. Thank you very much! Excellent session!
2. Thank you very much indeed that was an excellent, clear, concise, interesting session
3. Thank you for all your expertise. Very thankful I have heard this, before I jump into a partnership


July 2021
Southampton Primary Care Limited

We engaged LMC Law early in our journey as a newly established federation. As a group of experienced GP Partners with more than 20 years experience in General Practice we were a new start up with a lot of heart and drive to design and deliver a new way of delivering integrated primary care. We, however,  collectively knew very little about the wider NHS plans, competitive tendering, or corporate management so we needed a lot of help. 

We sought people who would work with is as part of our team rather than for us, specialists who would understand our vision and support us in developing our dream to do things differently. We spoke to and met several organisations; LMC Law was noticeably different in their approach. The dedicated team get to know the businesses and the teams they serve. They thrive on challenge, and we have given them quite a few! The core team is small but extremely accessible and responsive. The cost-effective coordination of a wide range of specialists makes them extremely good value. This approach also and probably most important to us, means the team bespoke and own their advice and guidance.

Shanee, Claire and the team have delivered time and time again for us with their superior knowledge, enthusiasm, professionalism and above all absolute integrity, because doing the right thing matters! They have stood with us to win contracts, fight to challenge, and change the system when it was needed and to see the art of the possible. 

From a standing start we have grown at pace in just 5 years to a multimillion-pound organisation and the LMC Law team legal and HR input, business acumen and specialist NHS knowledge and discernment have been integral to this.  Our best decisions in our journey to date!


March 2021

Shanee Baker presented at two breakout sessions during the event. Feedback was very positive: ‘Your breakout session was very interesting and much appreciated by all those present.’


We are delighted to be supporting the Royal Air Forces Association (RAFA) Abbots and Kings Langley branch. For over 60 years RAFA has been providing care and support to serving and retired members of the Royal Air Forces and their dependants.

On the 9th August 2021 we organised the first of a number of summer events to raise much needed funds. This event included a superb lunch and hot drinks served by the LMC Law team, the excellent Hertfordshire Concert Band who played a range of music including popular hits, festive tunes from shows, classical, and much more. A successful raffle saw two of the main prizes being won by two of the 98 year old veterans who were in attendance.


Shanee was recently appointed Treasurer to the Royal Air Forces Association (RAFA) Abbots and Kings Langley branch and is looking forward to continuing the good work this branch has been doing.