Tailor-made seminars to meet your needs


We regularly hold events and seminars across the UK covering a range of issues affecting LMC and GP networks. and subjects. The themes are topical often developed at the request of GPs.

We provide the content and host tailor-made seminars at a low cost (often at no cost at all for all our retainer clients).

Below are a range of some of our seminar themes:


GDPR in Healthcare


Mergers and Takeovers




Provision of Clinical
Pharmacists and
other types of SLAs


Directors Duties/
Corporate Governance


Service Level Agreements
and connecting GP
practices to a network
including 8-8 extended
access and clinical
pharmacist arrangements


Formation of Companies,
CICs and LLPs


Creating and structuring
Accountable Care
Organisations (ACOs)


Core Contracts–
a walkthrough


Conflicts of interest in the
GP World


Partnerships –
Agreements and issues


How to run and manage
an effective federation


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